AOI System

New Procurement: 3D-AOI-System

inomatic purchased a new AOI system from the company Omron. This system allows for not only a 2D but also a 3D analysis of components. Therefore, solder cups on component groups can be better inspected to further optimise the soldering process. Due to the extremely powerful image acquisition module, high-resolution images of the individual components are generated, which results in a very low pseudo-error rate. Furthermore, the PCBs are tested within seconds and the employees have more time for more important matters. The technically modern 3D-AOI system guarantees an even better quality of our products.


CAN-Reader, Fahrzeuggateway, CAN-Adapter, E2CAN

Inductive CAN Reader

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Digitaler Temperatursensor automotive 12V 24V

Digital temperature sensor for the automotive sector

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Klausheide, Nordhorn, Tag der offenen Tür, inomatic

Open House 2023

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Rettmobil 2023, inomatic, Produkte, Neuheiten, Produktneuheiten

Rettmobil 2023 – Successful trade fair

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ISO 14001 Umwelt management, inomatic zertifizierung

Certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Management

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Mangora digital audio interface, Digirec 1000, Digirec, Digirec Ersatz, inomatic DAI, Besprechungseinrichtung, audio recorder

Mangora Digital Audio Interface (DAI)

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