Inductive CAN Reader

Inductive CAN tapping with the new CAN reader

The new CAN reader ensures inductive tapping of the CAN signals on the vehicle or machine without the need for a risky cable cut on the vehicle cable. Installation is extremely simple by placing the plastic sleeve over the CAN high and CAN low cable in the…

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Klausheide, Nordhorn, Tag der offenen Tür, inomatic

Open House 2023


On August 26 and 27, companies in Nordhorn Klausheide opened their doors to the public.

We also opened our door and showed our premises to interested residents from the region. In addition to a guided tour of the production halls, the THW Nordhorn and two regional customers provided us with emergency vehicles in which our…

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Rettmobil 2023, inomatic, Produkte, Neuheiten, Produktneuheiten

Rettmobil 2023 – Successful trade fair


A successful trade show came to an end. We would like to thank you for the constructive discussions we had during the trade show. Your support and interest in our products means a lot to us.

Rettmobil 2023 was once again a great opportunity to present our latest developments and solutions in the field of…

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ISO 14001 Umwelt management, inomatic zertifizierung

Certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Management


Sustainability is the order of the day. We have also recognized this and have adapted our corporate processes accordingly in the past.

Rising CO² values and the associated climate change, noticeably stronger environmental catastrophes as well as the constantly increasing consumption of resources and goods have inspired us to act. Through targeted optimization of internal…

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