We provide practical solutions tailored to each individual case

Translating your ideas into electronics, we make your innovations in the field of automotive and industrial electronics as well as automation technology possible: in a customised, partnerlike and cost-effective manner. We will see you from developing your idea through building a prototype right up to serial production. All of this fulfilment and one-stop service, all from one partner. The range of our services comprises anything between development and prototype construction and serial production as well as the contract assembly of your components.

Our Services at a Glance:

  • Development and manufacturing of system electronics for the automotive and industrial sectors
  • Embedded systems development
  • SMD assembly
  • Conventional THT assembly
  • Component contract assembly
  • Part sourcing
  • Automatic optical inspection (AOI)
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Electrical functional testing
  • Automated functional testing
  • Printed circuit board coating

From consulting to manufacturing





Customer Service


We will help you find solutions. Our help may include support through problem solutions for fault localisation, information as to correct device connection or when a specific spare part is needed. We will be available for you fast and without unnecessary bureaucracy, since we make a point of ensuring the shortest possible distances between Development, Production and Service.


  • Spare parts logistics
  • Claim management
  • Repair management
  • Repair and fault tracking database

Servicing Procedure

You will contact our service department and inform us of the problem you have had. There will be a quick decision on how you may be helped. Should you need a spare part, it will be mailed to you along with a DHL parcel stamp and a return delivery note. In this way, you will have no costs and the efforts will be kept very low.

As soon as we have received the defective device it will undergo an intensive incoming inspection, as a result of which it will be decided whether it is a warranty case.


You wish a device purchased from us to be repaired? We will be happy to provide you with a free price quotation. For this purpose, you will send us the device concerned, we will check it, prepare a price quotation for you, and you will decide whether or not to carry out the repair. After the repair has been authorised by you and carried out, the device will be returned to you, if requested also by express mail.

Meeting the Highest Quality Standards

Modern production and automated testing procedures as well as our personal interest in good and reliable products are the basis for our meeting the highest quality standards, to which we feel committed.

IPC 601

We are committed to the highest quality standards. Our commitment is based on modern production and automated testing procedures as well as our personal interest in good and reliable products. In order to guarantee all of this, we develop and manufacture in accordance with the IPC guidelines.

One focus is the IPC A 610 manufacturing standard. We use this standard as specification when testing the components.

Automated Testing

After the soldering process, the components will undergo various tests. For these, we resort to the following components and testing procedures:

– AOI control (automatic optical inspection): This is for controlling all joints and components (value/position/polarity).
– ICT check (in-circuit testing): This is for carrying out an automated electrical testing and partly also programming of the components.

Optimally Equipped

Our servicing and testing area is equipped with state-of-the-art measuring devices. The devices we use here include digital memory oscilloscopes and double-vision microscopes in order to be able to meet the various technical, electronic and mechanical requirements.

As a matter of course, all manufacturing stations are ESD-compliant. The manufacturing, storing and testing areas are protected EPA zones to protect electronic components.