CAN-Reader, Fahrzeuggateway, CAN-Adapter, E2CAN

Inductive CAN Reader

Inductive CAN tapping with the new CAN reader

The new CAN reader ensures inductive tapping of the CAN signals on the vehicle or machine without the need for a risky cable cut on the vehicle cable. Installation is extremely simple by placing the plastic sleeve over the CAN high and CAN low cable in the vehicle. The inductive tap enables data to be recorded by generating an electromagnetic field. However, it is important to note that this technology only allows data to be read and does not offer a write function. Thus, we offer you a convenient and risk-free way to use CAN signals in various applications without jeopardizing the integrity of your vehicle or machine.

With external dimensions of 39x19x12mm (LxWxH), the module can be accommodated in a space-saving manner.

The CAN reader with article number 07157.0.00.00 is available from stock. In combination with the CAN-Tronic as a vehicle gateway, the complete system can be ordered under item number 10027.0.00.00.

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