Über uns

„Our vision – special-purpose vehicle engineering 2.0“

We are guided by the continuous and personal contact with our customers as well as by the constant optimisation of our own products.

Highest quality standards, optimal service as well as the solidarity of employees, customers and suppliers are our top priorities.

As a team we think, plan and work towards the future. For us, standstill means regression.

Our driving forces are our enthusiasm, commitment and years of experience. Together with our partners, we revolutionise the special-purpose vehicle engineering market and optimise operating times through intelligent and intuitive control systems.

+ Special-purpose vehicle engineering 2.0 – We develop your lead

Due to continuous relations with fire departments, rescue services, relief organisations, municipalities and body manufacturers, we are always close to our customers. We learn about everyday challenges live on site and work on practical solutions. Innovative ideas are tested in practice and continuously optmised.

Together, we develop your lead!

+ Internal team spirit is our top priority

As a family-run company, we highly value the satisfaction of our employees. Friendly and respectful interaction with each other as well as appreciation of each individual is of central importance to us.

Direct and short communication and decision-making channels guarantee a high degree of flexibility as well as an enjoyable work environment. Regular employee meetings and joint events strengthen the team spirit and enable us to look to the future as a team.

Twice as many hands as hearts – but one shared passion

+ Highest Quality Standards

Structured procedures of the individual manufacturing processes as well as internal and external audits enable us to regularly reflect and improve weak points right where they originate. The regular review of our own hardware and software guarantees a continuous improvement of the entire product range. Carefully selected and high-quality components from the automotive sector guarantee the highest reliability and longevity.

Development, production, sales - Made in Germany

+ Appreciation of customer and supplier relationships

We treat all customers and suppliers as equals by maintaining an open and honest relationship with each other. We appreciate the close and timely interaction with each other and strive to establish a good and long-term cooperation with our partners. Together we look ahead and live the ideas, which are introduced by our customers or suppliers due to their expertise gained over many years.

Honesty and loyalty are the best policy

+ Highest service standards – short response times

Our service technicians are regularly trained in our products and are in direct contact with development, production and sales. Short response times as well as prompt solution processing during installation or in case of service are reflected in a high level of customer satisfaction. Through personal attention and a high degree of service commitment, we gain the trust and reliability of our partners.

For us, service stands for speed, reliability and competence