Central control unit (ZSG) inside housing, CANopen


Central control unit (ZSG) inside housing, CANopen:

  • Multi-voltage capable (10V… 30VDC)
  • Freely programmable via Codesys V3.5
  • Fuses with failure indicator and digital monitoring
  • 2x LIN bus systems onboard
  • integrated climate control
  • Various inputs and outputs (see data sheet)
  • Designed for the Mercedes sprinter / VW Crafter passenger seat box
  • 3x CAN bus systems onboard
    • 1. CAN bus: Proprietary protocol for inomatic products (e.g. control panel series 2000)
    • 2. CAN bus: Vehicle bus for evaluating the signals (PSM, ABH-CAN, 447 interface)
    • 3. CAN bus: Warning systems (CIA 447 or FireCAN)

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