CAN-Matic, CAN I/O Modul


CAN-Matic, CAN I/O Modul:

  • CAN bus
  • 4 load outputs 5A (active plus)
  • 4 control outputs 200mA (active plus)
  • 2 digital inputs, polarity switchable
  • 4 digital inputs, mass-buttoned
  • Contacting via Molex Mini-Fit
  • Multi-voltage capable

Our CAN-Bus Adapter “CAN-Matic allows you to quickly and conveniently tap various CAN signals from machines, vehicles or measuring stands. The read-out signals are processed in the control unit and executed as analog switching output. Implemented in this combination, the modules can be used, for example, for controlling accident data recorders (UDS) or as pure switching units. The software programming can be carried out by us or in conjunction with the I-Matic system independently on the computer.

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