Inomatic Battery Management (Supply Batteries & Battery Monitors)

Our battery management system (BMS) is used to monitor the vehicle batteries and reliably measures the voltage (Volt), State of Charge (SoC), remaining battery life and the current consumption of your battery. Among our battery management products you will find two categories: firstly, supply batteries, which contribute to an independent power supply for electronic applications. Secondly, we offer high-quality inomatic battery monitors 12V to 24V, which can reliably protect your batteries from a deep discharge or undervoltage.
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Our Supply Batteries and Battery Monitors 12V - 24V

The highlight of our battery monitors is the battery computer IBC 2000. In combination with an IBS sensor or a battery from the manufacturer Super B, it is able to read out various parameters. These include the voltage value (Volt), SoC, battery life until complete discharge your system´s current consumption.

When it comes to supply batteries, the Super B battery is a suitable article. Due to the 5000 charging cycles, it has a 5 to 10 times longer service life compared to conventional car batteries. We offer them with different power capacities (90Ah, 105Ah, 160Ah or 210Ah) Due to the integrated battery management as well as CAN interface and Bluetooth, the battery data such as voltage, capacity, temperature etc. can be transmitted directly to your smartphone or to a CAN bus system. The integrated battery monitor provides additional protection.

The inomatic Commitment

In the entire battery management, supply batteries and battery monitors from 12V, as well as all other categories, we attach great importance to customer-friendly application and partly individual programmability of the systems. Our batteries are used especially in vehicle and boat construction. Our battery monitors protect against lasting damage.




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