Super-B Nomia 13.2V 160Ah, LifePo4 Lithium Battery – CANopen


Super-B Nomia 13.2V 160Ah, LifePo4 Lithium Battery – CANopen:

Since November 2017, inomatic is the official distributor and dealer of the battery manufacturer Super B from Hengelo. Since 2007, the battery expert has been developing and producing lithium batteries for the leisure, marine and motorsport sectors.

By means of the integrated CAN-Open interface, the lithium battery can be directly connected to the inomatic control system. All important battery parameters like voltage, current increase and decrease, capacity, remaining time and temperature can be evaluated and processed in the control system.

  • 13,2V / 160Ah pure usable energy
  • > 2000 charging cycles
  • Battery management system
  • Weight: 26,9 Kg
  • Integrated self-protection
  • CAN bus interface, CANopen
  • Dimensions: 417 x 227 x 314mm


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