UDS Kienzle evaluation via inomatic CAN

In close cooperation with the company Kienzle argo, we have integrated the accident data recorder (UDS AT) into our system in recent months. The goal was to move the UDS switch to our 2000 Series control panel to ensure interactive operation of the UDS via the RGB membrane keypads. Recorded events, such as “parking bumpers detected”, “error initialization”, “memory status” etc., can be evaluated with a simple keystroke and displayed on the screen of the control unit. This also applies to the 5,7 “and 7” CAN Bus Touch Displays. In combination with our freely programmable control panels the query of the accident data recorder via Codesys can be placed on any key or e.g. by prolonged pressing of a key combination. The official release of the system is expected for mid to end of June 2018.


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