The new multifunctional touch display Mangora X-7 is intended as an all-in-one HMI solution for vehicle and machine construction. With the new IMX-8 controller, the touch display offers maximum performance for a wide range of applications.

In dialogue: Special vehicles sector

What are the advantages of the display in the area of special vehicles?

The aim is to reduce the number of screens in an emergency vehicle to a minimum. These include e.g. the control of the blue lights and special signal system, blue light navigation, tetra radio connection incl. protocol management, reversing camera or the display for vehicle or battery status. Thanks to the user-friendly surface structure, the driver can fully focus on the essentials and, for example, set the blue light or the signal tone as a priority button, to access them on every menu page. Thanks to the integrated vibration motor, loudspeaker and the changing individual key colors when the key is pressed, the driver receives feedback as to whether a key has been pressed and whether the function is working. Of course, the high processor performance requires a smooth system run – similar to a modern tablet of industry standards.

What options does the new touch display / tablet offer?

In addition to the high display performance, the multifunctional touch display offers many different options such as a Bluetooth, WIFI or a GSM (4G / LTE) interface, e.g. to set up a hotspot in the vehicle or the machine or to transfer data in real time. Thanks to the open operating system, customer-specific apps can be installed and used in addition to the freely programmable “inomatic app”. This enables every customer to use their own interface on the Mangora hardware, no matter which area of application! Due to the high degree of IP 65 protection, the display can also be used in wet areas such as a pump room.

When will the new touch display be available?

The announcement and presentation were planned for Interschutz 2020. Due to the corona pandemic, all trade fairs relevant to us, including Interschutz 2020, have now been canceled or postponed. Nevertheless, our goal was set and so we decided to make the announcement in digital form. The development work continues at high pressure, of course. The display will be available from 2021.

How does the name Mangora come about?

The name “Mangora” is a spider genus. The guiding principle is based on the keyword “networking” and optimal networking is given with the new Mangora® X-7 touch display! In terms of the environment, the low power consumption is accompanied by high efficiency. Electricity balances are of immense importance, especially regarding electromobility.