Due to a good and stable order situation combined with a high production utilization and the constantly rising demands in quality, inomatic invests in the expansion and modernization of the SMD assembly line.

In view of continuous development to ever more complex control systems combined with a high degree of packing density with increasingly smaller components, this led to the acquisition of a new state-of-the-art automatic assembly machine. An important element of the new placement system is the 4-axis placement head, which can be used to place more than 10,000 components per hour. The use of intelligent component management ensures traceability of the components fitted. Even after years, it is still possible to see which component from which manufacturer was ordered, stored and placed.

Through the modernization of the SMD assembly line inomatic set a further milestone in the company’s history. As your partner for electronics we continue to put great emphasis on constant innovations and always proceed according to our motto “we develop the advance”.